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Fun Animal Lesson Plans and Activities for Kids

Check out our range of fun animal lesson plans that feature interesting animal facts and cool activities for kids.

Worm Lesson PlanWorm Research Activity

Use this worm lesson plan to research the appearance and behavior of different types of worms. These creatures offer a lot of interesting features for you to discover, find out just what they are with this fun research activity for kids.



  • These are larvae, not real worms.
  • Gently collect a mealworm.
  • Can you see any pupae? (mealworms changing into beetles inside a white case).
  • Using a microscope, can you see its feelers and legs? Put it back when you are finished.


Tubefex Worms:

  • You will need a dropper, a flat dish and a jar of tubefex worms.
  • Put some water in the dish and then use the dropper to catch a few worms from the jar.
  • Focus on the worms, can you see how they move?
  • Try drawing their guts, which are pink. Like our red blood, these worms use red hemoglobin to pick up oxygen from the water.
  • Put the tubefex worms back when you're done.



  • Try finding other worms around your own and property and do some research on them.
  • Record their behavior, draw their physical appearance and examine them under a microscope.




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