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Science Videos

Watch free science videosLearn more about science and technology by watching these great science videos. Check out some awesome experiments, animals in the wild, the science of sport, chemistry in action, biology basics, amazing human body processes, nature clips, advanced robots, the latest in technology and much more.

Enjoy a range of video clips that cover a number of interesting subjects, entertaining kids while providing a valuable learning experience at the same time. Find a topic that interests you, check out the videos and have fun learning about science online.

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Science for Kids

Animal Videos

Enjoy learning about animals as you watch some great videos that feature wild animals in action, cute animals, funny clips, amazing animal facts and much more.

Animal videos

Chemistry Videos

See chemistry in action with these cool videos. Find out more information about chemistry topics such as atoms, minerals, elements, molecules and chemical reactions.

Chemistry videos

Biology Videos

Learn more about fun biology topics such as cells, cloning, microbiology, DNA and bacteria by watching our range of great biology video clips.

Biology videos

Experiment Videos

Have fun watching these awesome science experiment videos. Learn how to suck an egg into a bottle, make a tea bag rocket, test the sugar level in soda and much more.

Experiment videos

Human Body Videos

Explore the amazing human body with these great videos. Learn more about the human brain, heart, skin, bones, immune system and other important parts and processes.

Human body videos

Technology Videos

Check out some of the coolest gadgets to hit the market as well as amazing inventions and technology research into solar power, computer interfaces, mind control and more.

Technology Videos

Space Videos

Enjoy these great space and astronomy videos which feature amazing clips of missions to deep space, moon landings, mars rovers, shuttle launches and more.

Space & Astronomy videos

Astronaut Videos

Learn what life is like for astronauts on board the International Space Station with this series of videos explaining everything from spacewalks to sleeping in space.

Astronaut Videos

Scientist Videos

These short video clips describe the lives of some of the most famous scientists of all time. Enjoy learning about their amazing theories, discoveries and inventions.

Famous scientist videos

Sports Science Videos

The science of sports looks at how modern science can be used to monitor results, improve safety, develop new technology and give athletes their best chance at success.

Sport science videos

Earth Videos

Earth is an amazing place, learn more about it by checking out these great videos featuring earthquakes, volcanoes, mountains, global warming and more.

Earth videos

Weather Videos

Witness some of the wildest weather you've ever seen with these amazing weather videos. See powerful tornadoes, lightning, cyclones and other extreme weather conditions.

Weather Videos

How To Videos

Have you ever wanted to learn how to improve your memory, make a lemon battery or survive a bear attack? Well now you can find out by watching these excellent how to videos.

How to videos

Physics Videos

Learn about the fascinating world of physics by checking out these great videos related to electricity, magnets, gears, pulleys, simple machines, gravity, wind energy and more.

Physics videos

Engineering Videos

Watch a spectacular building collapse, learn about different type of bridges, understand how a car engine works and see how light bulbs are made with these engineering videos.

Engineering videos

Nature Videos

Check out these amazing nature videos with clips about the Amazon rainforest, giant water lilies, recycling tips, unique flowers, oil spills, the Great Barrier Reef and more.

Nature videos

Video Game Technology

Video games have become much more than a simple form of entertainment. Check out these clips that show how advanced technology is incorporated into various games and consoles.

Gaming technology videos

Robot Videos

Watch a range of awesome videos that show the latest robots in action. See cool humanoid robots, robotic fish, robots used by the army, demonstrations, exhibitions and more.

Robot videos

Dinosaur Videos

Enjoy a range of cool videos that help bring the world of dinosaurs to life. Learn about their behavior, how they hunted, how they became extinct and much more.

Cool Dinosaur Videos

Math Videos

Check out videos related to numbers, shapes, arithmetic and other interesting math topics. Enjoy learning about the numbers of nature, how to subtract, playing sudoku and more.

Free Math Videos for Kids
Fun Science and Technology for Kids


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