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Fun Weather Facts for Kids

Fun Wind Facts for Kids - Interesting Information about WindWind Facts For Kids

Check out our fun wind facts for kids and enjoy a range of interesting information about wind.

Learn how wind forms, what we use to measure wind speed and direction, what sports take advantage of wind, what solar wind is and much more.


  • Wind is the flow of gases, here on Earth it refers to the movement of air.

  • It is caused by differences in air pressure. Air rushes from high pressure areas to lower ones.

  • Short bursts of wind moving at high speeds are known as gusts.

  • Depending on their strength, winds can be known as a breeze, gale, storm or hurricane.

  • Wind direction is given by the direction from which the wind comes.

  • Weather vanes are used to indicate wind direction.

  • Anemometers are used to measure wind speed. Make an anemometer.

  • A knot is a unit often used to measure wind speed. Make a wind vane.

  • Sea breezes occur because heat from the Sun takes longer to warm the sea than the land, creating a difference in air pressure.

  • Wind can provide energy through the use of wind turbines. More on wind energy.

  • Sailing ships use wind to power their movement with the help of sails.

  • Many sports and recreational activities make use of the wind, these include kite boarding, wind surfing, sailing and paragliding.

  • Solar wind in outer space is a stream of charged particles that come from the Sun.

  • Saturn and Neptune feature the fastest planetary winds in the Solar System.

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