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Fun Science Videos for Kids

Watch Amazing Biology Videos for KidsCheck out our amazing science videos for kids. Learn more about the world around you while watching a range of awesome clips.

Biology Videos

Enjoy these great biology videos that will help teach you about a number of interesting biology topics. Check out video clips that explain microbiology, cells, DNA, cloning and more.

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Science for Kids

Watch Bacteria Grow

Watch in amazement as bacteria numbers grow rapidly from just a few to millions in a short space of time.

Bacteria video

DNA Repair

Learn how DNA automatically corrects itself in the event of replication mistakes or environmental damage.

DNA repair video


This close up video shows a real cloning procedure in action as the nucleus of a cell is removed and replaced with another.

Cloning video


Get an overview of the amazing world of microbiology. Understand what the subject involves and what careers it can lead to.

Microbiology video

DNA Replication

Watch two amazing animations which show how DNA forms into a double helix shape and then how it replicates itself.

DNA replication video

Deep Sea Diving

This video shows a BBC reporter as he prepares to experience the amazing biology that exists in the deep ocean while in a special submersible.

Deep sea diving video


This excellent video shows how the amazing process of mitosis works. Learn more about chromosomes, cells, protein fibers and nuclear membranes.

Mitosis video


Learn how DNA from a mother and father forms into unique sets of chromosomes thanks to the process of meiosis.

Meiosis video
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